Hey everyone! For those of you who are new to the website.. Welcome! If you’re visiting again, Welcome back! If you didn’t see on my social media, I just got back from a beautiful experience in San Diego. Not just any new experience though, a completely rare and foreign experience. It was my first solo trip ever. It was… incredible!

I spent less than $200 on this entire vacation which was probably my cheapest one yet. I made a challenge out of budgeting as hard as I could, and it brought me to spending less than half of an average minimum paycheck. It was such an impulsive trip, but I needed a break. I was feeling burnt out. I was grouchy at work. I was not fun to be around. The bad attitudes we have towards life is sort of expected sometimes when we don’t really give ourselves time to breathe. I needed a drastic breather. I needed change.

The main reason I decided to take this trip was the flight ticket. I saw an incredible deal on Frontier’s flights. The cheap flights from Las Vegas to San Diego averaged out to be around $50 to $70, but I played around with the dates a little bit and somehow wound up with a $30 dollar flight in my pocket (read about that here). I’m honestly still pretty amazed.

I began overthinking and doubting this trip after about two days. Was it too impulsive? This mini Vacay was going to be next month. Less than thirty days! On top of that, I have a London trip after this one! I made myself a little promise that I was only going to spend what I absolutely needed. In all honesty, this ended up to be one of the best vacations of my life. Here’s how I did it!

budget travel

I have listed a few rules below that I made before and during my vacation that you can also apply to yourself if you’re going to be traveling on a budget.


On Frontier, I had subscribed via email on when flights would drop down in prices. When I had seen an opportunity for a $28 Round Trip, I knew that I had to take it. I wouldn’t have seen that deal if I didn’t constantly check up on the plane ticket! Opt In to receive emails from the airline regarding when the prices will drop for the destination.


While I was in SD, I ordered about five meals in total. It’s actually crazy looking back and knowing I didn’t spend an insane amount of money on food, because that’s one of my favorite part of traveling! If you are on a vacation and you’re trying to budget while there, don’t go all out on food. I remember going to my hostel one night and thinking “I need to go out and get another meal”, but then I held that thought remembering that I still had something left over from the previous day. It wasn’t the best experience to eat a left over meal on a vacation, but it wasn’t necessary to buy something new! Plus, it saved me money towards treating myself to sushi next to the beach the day after.

If you’re traveling to experience various foods and want to try new things, you can order small portions of everything you want to try. This will save room in your stomach for different things, while also saving money. For example, for the sushi I had, I tried several small rolls rather than one big roll. This helped me to finish my food easier and save a lot of money on my bill.


I felt uncomfortable with the idea of staying at the hostel. One bathroom, sleeping around strangers, socializing, etc.. (it turned out to be fine!) I was definitely uncomfortable with the thought of the accommodation and walking as transportation, but even more uncomfortable to think about going to Europe with nothing at all. Suck it up! The first place added up to be $80 for a two night accommodation at Ocean Beach Hostel and the second one was a one night accommodation at ITH Adventure for $30. In total for three nights in San Diego, $110. That adds up to be less than the price I would have paid for a one night stay in an average hotel. Side note: if you don’t feel comfortable or safe in certain areas do NOT ignore your intuition because of cost. Your safety matters the most. I never really felt threatened by walking, but I always had my Lyft app on hand if a place looked too sketchy or unsafe.


I didn’t buy Checked baggage. Not even Carry on. Hey! I didn’t pack less because I wanted to wear bikinis the whole time! Well.. maybe that is why.. But I also packed less because carry on was an extra $40, and checked baggage was the same. Together, that’s the price of two extra nights at a hostel! If you can, pack less. I know it’s hard. I’m still learning that I don’t need every pair of heels or three huge “just in case” jackets. If it came down to it, I’m sure you could buy whatever you thought you needed at your destination for even cheaper than you would have spent on the luggage.

I’m sure there are more steps you can take for a thrifty vacation, but these four techniques listed did the job for me. This whole trip was a success and very much needed. I got the experience while spending as little as possible and I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.

Enjoy a few pictures that were taken on the trip! (You can also follow me on Instagram to see more)


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If my past self told me that in a year I would be going to London in October, I would be in complete denial. As a matter of fact, I’m still in denial! I’m still pinching myself every time I think about it.

So heres’s how it happened.

Around November or December last year my best friend Natalie announced that she was going to go to London with her two sisters. I told her that was such an amazing opportunity! She jokingly said “Come with me!” knowing that the possibilities were unlikely, and I took her words to heart. I kept telling myself “Natalie and I need to experience something amazing together” We’ve been dreaming about leaving the country together since we were juniors in high school.. That’s six whole years! (Not to mention the dreams we had as children to travel with our best friends! (Thank you Cheetah Girls 2 for giving us that dream)

I told myself “screw it”, and decided that I was going to surprise her with a plane ticket for her birthday (Late January). I got the approval and flight number from her sisters. I checked day and night for cheap flights. I had a budget of $600 for a round trip and was determined to spend that exact amount. At the time, the tickets went for about $1k. I waited it out for a month or two and ended up spending no more than $605.

Now that its early October, I feel its the perfect time to announce this trip. We’re going to be staying there for a week and a half in the middle of the month. (So basically a week away) and it still hasn’t hit me.

I’m so happy to be with Natalie and her two sisters exploring the world. We’ve been working extremely hard and now are ready for a time of relaxation and growth. That’s how life should be.

It might take a while for me to actually blog about the experience because I will be living in the moment while there, but you can definitely follow my social media pages to see what I’m doing and keep updated on the travel!

Come join me on my trip to London!

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Hello friends!

For those of you who are new here, Hello! I’m Megan Virona. I am a female traveler from Las Vegas, Nevada and I’m currently staying on my first solo trip ever in San Diego.

I know this isn’t actually day two. I got so caught up in the moment (and became so exhausted) that I didn’t have time to blog any of my second day here, but I’m going to pretend like this is actually day two.

So to start off, “this morning” was the first official full day here in San Diego. I’m not at all a morning person, but I didn’t want to be lazy and lay around! I bounced up out of bed after realizing that I wasn’t in LV anymore and headed straight for the shower.

Vegas is known for its incredibly dry weather, so coming from a super dry climate to humidity made me want to shower often. As a matter of fact, I showered right before bed too! I usually take extremely hot showers, but the humidity made a cold shower sound so nice. I could definitely get used to the cold showers with humid weather. They feel so refreshing!

When scouting out the area, I realized that there was a little market / grocery store right across the street from the place I’m staying at. I knew immediately that I was going to visit here in the morning, and that’s exactly what I did after getting dressed! If you watched my IG Stories, you had a chance to watch me search for some groceries. If not, I’ll give you a quick summary of what I bought! I purchased coconut water, fruit and guava juice for the beach, and energy bars.

(Screenshots of my Instagram Story in the morning)

After getting back, I grabbed a quick meal and did my makeup. I already decided that today was going to be a day to explore around the area close by and do some shopping. I started walking and not even five minutes into the walk I found a shop I wanted to go into!

It was a thrift store called Humble Heart. It was a small ordinary thrift store, but the woman who works there is so kind! I ended up purchasing a few articles of clothing as souvenirs.

My next stop was a comic book store called Galactic Comics. I was in awe of how big of a variety there was. There were a bunch classic arcade game machines that you could play. There were also a few cool posters, figurines, and Pop! Figures.

After walking a bit down the road I ran into the beach. I decided that I wanted to stop and admire the location for a while, so I sat down and enjoyed my time there. I was able to take some pretty good photography shots of myself while there too!

After a few hours of being out I was getting hungry for an actual meal. I don’t know if any of you guys feel this way too, but every time I’m near the ocean I crave sushi! I decided that I definitely wanted that as my meal. There were so many sushi places near where I was, so it was a hard decision as to which sushi place to eat at. I decided that OB SushiSushi sounded like the best option! It tasted amazing!

After eating, I remembered that there was something I really wanted to do today. On the drive to my destination from the airport yesterday, I noticed that there was an area that specifically stood out to me on the drive that I didn’t get to fully enjoy due to being in a car. It was a downhill drive, meaning that I had a good overview of a part of the city. Not only was there a beautiful sight of the city, but the ocean as well. It reminded me of San Francisco, only this view was a lot more green and colorful. I knew that I couldn’t settle with seeing it for a split second in a car. I had to experience it on my own terms! I started walking toward that direction only to find more shops ahead.

I stopped in many souvenir shops. There were a lot of seashell shops and beach themed ones. I was crossing the street and my jaw dropped. I saw it! The perfect shop for me. Can any of you guess what kind of shop it was?

Botanica Home and Garden. If you know anything about me, you know how passionate I am about plants. This was an extremely aesthetically pleasing plant shop. The front counter and walls are wooden, there were gemstones and rocks, there were pillows & a couch to give you comfortable vibes. Everything about this shop made me feel so at home. If there were any place that matched my style identically, it would have to be this one.

I thought the store couldn’t get any better and that’s when I saw it. There was a door that read “more plants” with an arrow leading to outdoors..

..More plants?! I didn’t hesitate to follow the sign.

Outside, there were a variety of succulents and assorted tropical plants. I regret not researching on airport rules in regards of taking plants on the plane. Then again, I’m pretty glad I didn’t know the rules. Otherwise I would have been left with no money for the next few days of my trip!

I didn’t buy plants, but I couldn’t resist buying other things from this shop. I purchased two wooden pencils that say “I love plants” and another handcrafted wooden pencil. I got Rodrigo a card that says “I love you more than I love plants” which is totallllly not true. (Lol, Just kidding!) The cashier was very kind and informative about everything.

After visiting a few other shops I headed uphill. It was honestly a hard walk because how out of shape I’m in, but I was too easily distracted by the sights to complain. There were so many beautiful houses. Every single one was designed with a lot of plants and colorful flowers. Since it was so colorful, It attracted butterflies making the walk even more magical. They were flying all down the pathway. I truly envy the people that live here in this area. I would feel like the luckiest girl in the world to live a couple of blocks away from the ocean in such a green area. I already felt like the luckiest girl in the world for experiencing this beautiful walk uphill.

I finally made it to the very peak after about ten to fifteen minutes. This experience was a dream for me! People living in SD see things like this everyday. I probably looked like a FOOL taking so many photos and getting all emotional, but it doesn’t really matter. Anyone who has lived in LV for as long as I have can all agree that this scenery is amazing.

(The pier you see above is the same one that was on my Day 1 in SD post!)

I stopped to take a moment to appreciate the beautiful blue sky and what a great day it was. I saw people on boats sailing around, others walking their dogs and taking their daily jogs. Moments like these make me realize how giant the world really is.

I started heading back down because my phone was running out of battery. I decided to charge my devices and relax a bit at my hotel. After changing my clothes and getting everything ready, I went out to the beach again. I wanted to see the sunset! A stranger was so kind and gave me a compliment saying that my white dress was really pretty, and I noticed that it was a perfect one for some sunset beach photography! These photos below came out so beautifully! This has to be one of my proudest shoots.

I stood in the middle of the sunlight and was swaying my dress back and forth to flow with the wind. I love how the light shining through made my dress almost transparent. You can see every fold and crease and that’s what made this shoot so beautiful to me!

After the sun set, I was tired from walking. I decided to go back to the place I’m staying at to relax and look over some of the pictures I took.

I got a quick meal and told myself I would sleep early because “tomorrow” I will be checking out and going to a new location! ☺️

Tomorrow I will be setting out to Balboa Park for some awesome photography shots!

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Hey everyone! I just made it to San Diego today.

For those of you who are new here, Hello! I’m Megan Virona. I am a female traveler from Las Vegas, Nevada and I’m currently staying on my first solo trip ever in San Diego.

I just arrived today at around 6:00 PM using Frontier Airlines. It was about an hour flight from Las Vegas. I felt like the plane ride went by so fast because of how amused I was!

(Read about how I got my ticket for only $28!

The first thing I did was check into where I’m staying. I knew that I couldn’t carry my bag for too long because it was extremely heavy! After putting my bag away, I set out to scout the area.

I found that there’s a beach about a five minute walk from where I’m staying so that has me extremely excited for tomorrow morning! Anyways, the beach near my location is called “Ocean Beach”. It has a pier for people to go fishing on! The sunset was incredibly beautiful today and had to get on the pier ASAP. I captured the perfect moment!

Minutes later, it got dark outside. I admired how the moon lit up the water. It was a beautiful experience! I walked back towards the place I’m staying at only to realize I hadn’t eaten a thing today! There are so many restaurants and food places to choose from it was almost overwhelming.

I decided to go with this place called BBQ House & Grill. I got a pulled pork burger with some macaroni & cheese on the side. (So Delicious!) The employees were super kind and it was a beautiful place to sit and relax. There was an option to eat indoors or outside. I chose to eat inside mostly because of how hot and tired I was. If I hadn’t been walking around a lot, the outdoor setting would have been amazing! The portions were a decent size and I got full so fast!

I love this area so much though. Immediately when I arrived to the OB area I realized how much of an active area it is! There’s a ton of activities such as surfing, bonfires, drinking, and walking around. Everyone I have met so far has been super kind and outgoing. It’s definitely a good place for young sociable adults.

I’m keeping this post short but that’s about everything that happened today so far! Tomorrow I will be exploring the area close by.

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Crazy right?

I booked a round trip flight from Las Vegas to San Diego for only $28 using Frontier. I’ve never been too familiar with flying. As a matter of fact, my first flight ever was about a year ago. I have no idea if flights go that low often, but I saw it as a perfect opportunity.

It might be because of the location since San Diego is so close to Vegas. I had been following the “Cheap San Diego Flights” search in my email for a long time, and this one was the cheapest yet. The email stated that the prices dropped to about $50. I immediately clicked it. I didn’t expect anything of it. It was just a little dream I guess I had. Window Shopping!

I messed around with the dates to see how low the prices started at just to find that the cheapest flight there started at $15! I selected the returning date’s cheapest cost. $15 as well! My jaw literally dropped. Just like that, there I was running for my credit card.

I suppose that this will be my announcement post as well. Surprise! I’ll be in San Diego early September! I figured out where I’ll be staying and what I’m going to do on each day in detail within a whole two days of nonstop research. Can you tell I’m excited?

I would tell you my plans.. but I figured that you all would want to know about them when I’m doing them! I don’t want to spoil any surprises now!

Anyways, I want to thank frontier airlines for the super cheap plane ticket. Like I said, I have no experience in flying. I have no idea what to expect from Frontier, but I can say that I appreciate them for making dreams come true at a low reasonable price. I also want to say that the website navigation is excellent. It’s so easy to work with and very convenient. I’ll keep everyone updated on how this experience goes, but for now.. Wish me luck!


Hey guys! Ive recently collaborated with Bite Beauty x Influenster to talk about Bite Beauty’s 3 in 1 Multisticks.

I was especially excited to receive this package because I have previously collaborated with Bite Beauty and fell in love with their products when introduced to them. Knowing that there is a stick created for multiple purposes from an amazing brand that I love had me running to the mailbox when it was delivered! Now that I have tested them out I am ready to share my opinions!

Bite Beauty is sold at Sephora or bitebeauty.com. The Multisticks are going for $24 and come in about 24 shades as of right now. I am so pleased with the variety in colors that they have available to different skin tones! There is a shade perfect for everyone. The box I received came in three shades. Blondie: a nude taupe color, Macaroon: a deep dusty rose, and my personal favorite, Cocoa: a dark chocolate color.

Lets talk about packaging.

The packaging was very pleasing to unbox! They all came in individual boxes that were very secure and easy accessible. I like the simplicity of the designs and aesthetic of Bite Beauty overall. After Unboxing the individual shades, I was surprised to see that the lids of the Multisticks were magnetic! This was such a fun feature added to them and a very creative idea. The containers come in a matte charcoal grey color that looks so classy and simple.

the product

Application is so easy because of the container design. They twist up and down so smoothly. The little “B” from the Bite Beauty Logo is engraved into the stick which I thought was an amazing feature! The whole product has such a high quality and closely detailed appearance that makes you amazed with the effort.


The application glides onto your skin so smoothly and effortlessly. Before trying the product, I did research beforehand to find out that is made with a lightweight formula. I figured that since the formula was so simple, It wouldn’t give off too much of a vibrant color. By testing it out I realized that what I assumed was wrong and the shades were extremely vibrant and packed with color but still felt clean and dainty. I was surprised to see how hydrating it was onto my skin. Its a pasty kind of texture and felt very nourishing! I love how Cocoa looks with my darker complexion so that’s the shade I probably use most.

Since these are multi sticks, you’re able to wear them as eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick. The sticks have such a natural feel that I make an everyday use out of them even on my no makeup days for something really simple.

pros and cons

Now that I have gone over the packaging, product, and application, I want to mention the biggest Pro’s and Cons that contribute to my overall opinions.


easy application

good for all ages & skin tones

simple packaging

unique and creative designs & features

weightless and clean ingredients



lid eventually loses magnetic feature after a while

In conclusion, My overall opinion about the Bite Beauty Multistick is that it is definitely worth the buy. For $24, you’re paying for a blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick all in one. Bite Beauty sells high quality products and you’re getting three times what you pay for with the Multistick.

I would like to give a big thank you to both Bite Beauty and Influenster for this opportunity and all past & future opportunities to collaborate.


Hey guys! Virona here, This post is actually long overdue.. So long that I was debating on whether I should post it or not, but I have been getting many questions about this specific adventure to this day, so I figured, why not? In this post, I’m going to be talking about my adventure to San Francisco back in June ’17.

Yes, It was almost two whole years ago when I went! I couldn’t find the time to write about the experience while balancing work and other things. Now that everything has settled down in my personal life, I look back at this amazing trip and I’m ready to share the details with everyone!

Like I said, this vacation was back in June 2017, so I won’t be going into specific detail, But the most memorable events will definitely be mentioned.

So basically the mission for this whole trip was to visit Sequoia National Park. This park is known for their big, beautiful sequoia trees. Rodrigo had visited with his family a while back and fell in love. He wanted to take me here for a while, and we felt that there was no better time to go. With both of us loving San Francisco so much and it being somewhat close to Sequoia Park, we decided to stay in SF for a few days, then dedicate the last day to seeing the big trees!

Day 1

Lets talk about the first day of the trip. Getting to our destination was a long journey. Las Vegas to San Francisco is a 9 hour drive! I’m pretty sure we left around 7:00 AM and got to SF at 5:00 PM or something like that. We checked in to our room immediately to unpack everything and settle down. Our whole trip was on a budget, so we chose a hotel that was affordable with good ratings. The Inn At Golden Gate was the best choice, and it was really convenient to all of our needs. I remember this place specifically for it’s color! The whole hotel is painted orange and I thought that was pretty fascinating. The staff was also really friendly and helped us with everything we needed.

After checking into our hotel and getting settled, we set out for an adventure. We walked a couple blocks down a road that lead us to a trail called “Lovers Lane”. This place was really cool to find. We discovered that it was a well known area in history. This trail is known for Spanish soldiers passing in the 1860’s to meet their significant others. It was like we were walking through history! There’s more information on Lover’s lane here if you want to learn more about it. Apparently we were at the end of one of the trail when we started, so you could say that we were going backwards.

We went a little bit further off trail and ended up in different areas that were all unique and beautiful in different ways. The whole scenery was amazing because the sun was going down and everything looked foggy. The whole setting had a sepia tone which gave me some great shots. The trees were huge and everything was completely green! I remember telling Rodrigo “I haven’t ever seen trees this big before..”, and he just said “Wait until we get to Sequoia Park!”. 

We kept exploring unknown areas to the point where I don’t know what turns we made or how we wound up where we were, but we ended up going high up on this mountain. As we were making our way up, we realized what was in front of us. We were both in amazement of the sight that we were seeing. The whole city was in front of us! As we walked higher and higher, more and more of the city was in sight. From this view, you can even see Alcatraz and the misty ocean. You could see every color of the sky.

After this adventure, we walked back towards the hotel and stopped at this little pizza shop right next to our hotel called Pizzeria Avellino.(It was delicious and the staff was really nice!) We ate and got good rest so we could be ready for the next day.

Day 2

Our second day in San Francisco was all about exploring the city. We had already visited Pier 39 and traveled near the ocean before and we wanted this time to be different. People suggested that we visit the Golden Gate Park, so we stuck with that. I came up with the “smart” idea of walking to there all the way from our hotel, and realized later how valuable cars are. I would say it took about an hour or two to finally arrive, but it was the walk there that amazed me most. Going uphill then downhill and the little stops in between. There were certain areas where you would just be crossing the crosswalk and you could see the ocean below. There were so many shops too! The streets always smelled like sandwiches, bread, coffee, etc.. Some houses were actually slanted or underground and I thought that was incredible. 

The only thing that was upsetting about this adventure was how tired we were. When you look at a destination that’s about a mile away in Las Vegas, you’d think “no big deal!” because you’re walking in one straight direction with no bumps, but the hills of the city in SF made it such an exhausting walk. 

Arriving at the golden gate park made it well worth the struggle. Everything was beautiful. We arrived in the middle of the day so had plenty of time to roam around. We walked around the park for a bit before realizing that there was a botanical garden! The San Francisco Botanical Garden! I knew that we had to visit. The tickets were about ten dollars each (but for SF locals the entry is free!). 

I won’t go into detail about every moment of the garden, but I can say with all honesty that this was one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and spiritual environments that I have ever been in! It was a massive garden filled with so many different cultures and themes designed to make you feel as if you were taking a tour around the world. 

There was this specific moment that stood out to me that felt like a dream. The sun was setting and there was this area with beautiful flowers swaying back and forth from the wind. Besides the beautiful chirping from the birds, everything was quiet. It was so peaceful. I luckily captured the moment with my camera and this ended up being one of my proudest photos! I was so proud of this capture that I decided to frame it later on. (The second picture is of me with it framed!) 

Shortly after this moment we realized that the sun was setting and we were very far from our hotel. We decided to eat at this place right next to the park called Park Gyro. Gyros are basically sandwich-like meals made with pita bread. It was our first time trying these and I’m so happy we got the opportunity! We were both super hungry from the long journey we just had, so it was a great meal.

The atmosphere of the walk back to our hotel was completely different from the walk there. We chose an easier route this time, but the walk was terrifying. It was already dark about 20 minutes into the walk. Our cellphones with GPS were dying. We got to this point where everything was almost completely dark. No streetlights or anything! I still don’t understand why we didn’t just take a bus back, but its most certainly an experience we will never forget (and a lesson learned!). There were some pretty sights on the way back home such as these unbelievably huge houses and a stairway that overlooked the night time city. Moments like those made that walk a bit better, but there’s no doubt that we’re going to take a bus the next time we need to get back to a familiar area at night. 

Day 3

The third day was the last day of this adventure. It was finally time to visit Sequoia National Park! We left our hotel at checkout time and immediately started driving. Sequoia Park is about 5 hours away from SF, so we made sure to get plenty of rest. 

The national park is 14,505 feet above sea level, (Crazy, right?!) meaning we had to do a lot of uphill driving. We arrived to the ground entrance around 3 PM. After paying the entry fee we started heading up. At first, it was just a casual drive up a mountain, nothing too extraordinary. I remember us reaching a certain point where there was a tree that was massive. After spotting that one tree, the whole drive became interesting.

More and more giant trees would pop up, and the higher we drove, the more green the roads became. Eventually it got to the point where all we saw were giant trees. The trees were so big that words, pictures, and videos won’t do them justice. Some of the trees were so wide that I remember saying “This tree’s width is equivalent to the size of a small house!”. I’m not sure how else to describe the size of these trees any other way. Not only wide, these trees were so tall that you would look up and wouldn’t even be able to see the top.

Once we reached the park we were so relieved to get out of the car from a five hour drive! As soon as I opened the door, the smell of fresh forest hit me. The giant trees provided shade everywhere so the weather was nice and cool. This was an experience unlike any other I have ever had.

Fun Fact: This national forest has the largest tree … IN THE WORLD! We didn’t capture a picture of it, but Rodrigo took a panoramic picture of me with one of the other ones!

After taking pictures and admiring the trees, we drove a bit higher to see what we would find. There was a hike called the “Moro Rock Trail” which is a trail leading up to the top of Moro Rock. This rock is special because it hangs over the edge and the sights are insane. We got our gear ready and started on this trail. Being afraid of heights gave me a huge adrenaline rush that I didn’t expect. The steps were really narrow and if you leaned over just a bit, you could see the ground almost directly below. It was purely forest.  It felt almost spiritual to be so high up, seeing so many trees! Knowing how small we are as people and comparing it to the distance of the ground, trees, and world overall… was unbelievable.

There was a point Rodrigo and I reached where you could see the rock actually hanging off, and we were approaching those steps. We started walking slower and slower up the steps and both gave each other the same exact facial expression. We were afraid! We wanted to turn back. All I kept thinking was “This rock is going to break and we’re going to end up falling with it!!”. We both let the fear get to us. We wanted to get to the top, but didn’t want to take a risk to get there. We turned around.

We were both walking back down the trail in disappointment. I felt the regret immediately as I turned around. We knew that we had to do it. We both agreed that we wouldn’t ever be able to forgive ourselves if we didn’t finish what we started. We cleared out all of the what if?‘s from our head, took a deep breath, and moved forward.

Up we went! We were smart to move forward, but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t scared. We were cautious and moving very slowly with every step we took. It wasn’t long before we reached the very top. It was amazing.

Everything was clear in sight. From the ground and roads, to the trees, the sky, the mountains overlapping each other for miles and miles. It almost felt as if I was in the air, like a bird! The ledge in a way reminded me of being on a giant boat looking out at the ocean because of the railing and shape of the rock– but of course instead of it being sea, it was forest everywhere! I wish I took more pictures, but I was too into the moment to think about anything else. One thought came to my mind however, that I now apply to my everyday life .. “I’m glad that you kept moving forward.”.

I think that’s the most important part of all. You have to take risks and keep moving forward to truly succeed and reach the top. This experience will forever stick with me because of the lessons that came with it.

After this emotional journey we headed back home with a lot of lessons learned. I remember the drive being so exhausting! We were still about five hours away from home. When we did, we went straight for the bed. We were too exhausted for just about anything else. The whole trip was basically played by ear and not planned really well, which in my opinion are always the best trips.

Lessons I learned from this vacation..

* make sure you’re accurate on how much money you will be needing for vacation!  Make sure to be conservative with your estimating!

* be safe and secure at all times! bring a charger with you, try to have GPS with you. Take the bus if you have to! Ask questions if you’re not sure where to go!

* don’t let fear get in the way of a beautiful moment.

Thank you guys for taking the time to check out this post about my experience to San Francisco and Sequoia National Park! If you want to see more, stay updated with my blog and social media, there are plenty more adventures to come!