Hello friends! This is a completely personal post. It’s a huge step forward in my life and I really wanted to let it out. It’s honestly a huge surprise that I’ve been holding in, and things are becoming a little bit more official now.

I’ve recently decided that it’s time for a drastic change. I took some time to go over my personal needs and realized that one of the things I really need out of life is space. As a child, I’ve always shared a room with my brothers. the lack of privacy drove me crazy at times, but it was manageable. After moving in with my boyfriend at the time, I spent another four to five years with him in his place. Which was also manageable, but settled if that makes sense. I never really had a place to call my own or customize the way I wanted to, making me feel a bit helpless in a lot of situations. My podcast would always be hard to record, it would always be hard for me to focus when writing on my blog, and I always felt kind of like a burden. Wasting expenses like gas, water, food. I realized about a month ago that all of these factors are what has been bringing me down so much. So here it is, the big surprise…


At first, I didn’t think that this idea was good in any way. I thought that this was going to just be a huge waste of money, no room to grow, and pure stress. Maybe it is going to cause some financial stress and a busier schedule working to catch up on bills. But I don’t necessarily think that this is a bad thing. One of my biggest 2020 goals was to start being more independent. If anything, this decision is an investment on myself and a new experience! I feel like this decision is completely necessary to grow. By getting an apartment, I’m going to open so many doors for growth for both me and my readers.


I’m going to be fully expressing myself and not holding back when it comes to Self Development With Virona. Before, when creating each episode, I felt a bit restrained. I have this problem where I feel like I’m being judged super hard when projecting my voice out loud. Having my own place will not only give me freedom in expressing myself, but I will also have a little “recording area” to get comfortable in. This will push me to keep growing and putting out new episodes with my show.


Living in a big household can be super fun and entertaining, but when it comes to work, there is a lot of background noise making me unable to focus on my Blog and Etsy Shop. Living alone will help me keep that focus and provide more value to my viewers and customers. I do believe that with the right amount of focus, I can come up with really amazing things to help you guys out. I’ve already been creating several worksheets and packets. I can only imagine how much value I can provide with complete focus!


I already talked about this briefly, but I really am excited for that independence in having my own place. With everything in life, having independence may come with its cons like putting in extra hard work and taking huge responsibilities, but being your own person with your own things gives you freedom. Grocery shopping, My pantry filled with snacks that I want, a fridge stashed with veggies and fresh juice. I love that idea. Washing my linens that I chose with scented laundry soap that I prefer. I don’t mind cleaning if its a mess that I made. I don’t mind paying bills for expenses that I used. I’m excited for the complete independence and everything that comes with it.


I’m super excited to be designing my environment fit for my personal needs. Like I said before, I’ve always been someone’s roommate. That came with sacrifices like not being able to have a million plants scattered all over, or making everything completely pink and cute with a bed full of stuffed animals. I’ve never really experimented with different designs. Right now, I know exactly what I want out of my place. I want something that makes me feel at peace. Something with a lot of green and woods. I want a breath of fresh air when walking in. I can customize all of that. I won’t go into detail on how I plan on designing my apartment in this post, because I have a WHOLE other post dedicated to what it’s going to look like here.


I’ve always wanted to make videos of me doing miscellaneous activities but felt restrained by again, the fear of judgement. I get really worried that people can hear me talking to the camera or see me recording myself. It probably has something to do with me being extremely shy, but I’m happy that there will be no one there to watch me do these things. I really want to get into cooking videos. I wanna prop my camera up and film me cutting veggies, blending fruits, decorating dishes, and trying new recipes. That’s something I’ve always wanted to record myself doing. I also want to do vlogs, day in the life videos, and my apartment updates. That’s something I’m really excited to share with you: Me purchasing, working on, and building my furniture!

So right now as for expenses, I have a bit saved up for furniture and the first few months of rent. Aside from what I already have saved, I picked up two jobs to really ensure that I’ll have a comfortable living situation. They provide decent pay, and I’l be good to support myself. My main goal is to start making income online with my Podcast, Blog, and Etsy Shop, so that I will have time to quit at least one of these jobs, and have time to create more and higher quality content for you to enjoy. I don’t want to end up settling with these jobs and depend on them to live.

One of the things that I’m most excited to do is inspire others to change the quality of their lives. I also want to show people that it is not impossible to get out of a certain way of life if you really work hard enough. When I’m taking on this challenge of being fully independent and alone, I want to provide a learning experience for you as well. That’s what drives me the most when taking this on. I’m excited to go on that journey together!

I think that my biggest challenge will be time management. I’m more worried about time than anything. I have a big fear of living a settled life. I want time to blog, make videos, travel, and work for you. I don’t like the idea of working for a big company or anyone higher than me. I want to be my own boss. These two jobs have made me exhausted. I’ve been so tired after working. I have days where I open my laptop, try to start writing, stare at my screen for a few minutes, then shut it and take a long nap instead. I don’t want to lose touch with the personal friends I have made here. I don’t want to stop inspiring my following. I want to stay here and help improve your life. Time management will be something that I end up getting the hang of eventually. I’ll be able to adjust to the right sleeping, eating, working, personal goals, and unwinding schedule eventually. And when I do, you will be the first to know about how I was able to do it! I’m excited to take on a something to end up teaching about later on.

That pretty much sums up my update on big surprise! If you want to read more about how I’m going to decorate the apartment, I have another post that you can check out here talking about the earthy style and theme I want to incorporate.


If you want to check out my Etsy where I sell motivational printout pages and self development packets, you can click here!

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Thank you!


The Secret to Freedom, Flexibility, and Financial Independence

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone


If you’re looking for a push or sign, this is it. If you feel stuck in life, its probably because you’ve been living in routine. I may be wrong, but in most cases this is why people feel stuck: They aren’t changing anything, or they’re changing the absolute minimum. I want you to read this, and think about what you truly want out of life. You don’t have to do it, but just consider making a drastic change. What changes could lead you into that direction? Like I said, you don’t have to actually do it, but just think about it. Put deep thought into what you can do to make your life more desirable.

For example, I’m thinking about booking a flight to Hawaii just for that push. It isn’t a set plan, but it is a consideration. This would drastically change my life, because I want to push myself to stay there for about a month or two. I want to adapt a different mindset. I want to inspire others to travel. This is the push that would get me to that point.

I think the act now, think later mentality is definitely beneficial when it comes to goals that you really want to achieve. We postpone and think twice about our goals because we know that we have the time. If you just act now, you’ll get closer to reaching that goal and be able to focus on another one sooner.

If you have to, buy a class to teach you how to gain more motivation in reaching your goals. It’s never wrong to invest in yourself and your education. If you can develop a certain mentality with the class to benefit your life, it’ll definitely be worth it.

I’ve created a packet for anyone who is lacking motivation to reaching their goals. It’s a life goals downloadable packet to print out. Personally, it helps me go into detail on what I want in life and helps me asses how I can get there.

If you liked this post and need even more inspiration to act on what you really want to do, check out my podcast episode “If You Aren’t Passionate About It, Why Are You Doing It?


What do I want out of this place? Something that gives me peace. Somewhere that I can focus on my work, Podcasting, Blog, and YouTube be channel. My idea is to create a theme that gives peace and opportunity to focus on my work. For the color scheme, I want a lot of light woods, white, and black. Some appliances will be pink to stand out. I will be putting a lot of tropical green plants in the home to compliment the light wood. It’s important to me to have a lot of earthy tones because I thrive most around nature.

I will be trying my hardest to have absolutely no plastic in my home. I really want to live a eco friendly lifestyle. This will put my mind at ease. I’m also avoiding clutter as much as possible, so I won’t be going all out on decor or miscellanies items.

Here is a video of me showing you a package I got while explaining some color schemes that I’m interested in incorporating into the home! I put in the deposit and paid for my first month’s rent, so it’s official official. I’ll be moving in mid August. Now it’s time to buy all the furniture, decor, and appliances! How fun!






Manifesting Financial Freedom

Hi guys! If you didn’t see before, I’m making one to two posts each month that talk about what I want to manifest into my life. I’m doing this because I do believe that if you speak something into existence, it will find it’s way to you. You can read more about why I’m doing this here.

I no longer have stress on how I’m going to be able to provide for myself. This is a huge struggle that I’ve been dealing with for pretty much all of my life. I dedicated countless hours on work and that time is finally paying off.

I’ve created many products to sell online such as my Life Goal Packet and my Mantra Cards. These are just a few things I’ve made to earn passive income revenue. I have many other successful streams of income such as my podcast show, my blog, and my full time day jobs.

All of these streams of income make it possible for me to support myself completely. I am able to pay my bills and rent easily, buy meals and groceries that are filling, and spend on my education and business. Along with personal growth, I will be able to support my personal goals. I will be traveling the world and not think twice about the booking expenses.

I am not only able to provide for myself fully, but I am able to be generous when it comes to others as well. My main goal is to reduce the stress that is brought onto me due to money issues, but I also plan on reducing the stress on others as well.


Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need

Financial Freedom: How To Profit From Your Perfect Business



In my opinion, confidence is key. When I’m in a room with someone who is really well put together, I feel like it completely radiates. I start thinking about my life and how I want to start being presentable and inspire others to do the same. Just by being around someone who is confident in themselves makes me feel like I need to be making big moves and change my life for the better. So this has me thinking- What if I was that person? What if I looked the part, and inspired others to do better? I love that idea. In order to feel confident in myself, I think looking the part plays a big role. I truly believe that if you are put together well and look really presentable, more opportunities for growth are attracted to you. Here are some things that I do personally to look the part.


When you’re out, show people that you went out of your way a little bit extra. Even if it’s some earrings or a charm bracelet, it shows that you are willing to put in some kind of work. I think that this also subconsciously tells me that I am worthy of looking a little bit flashy. I’m usually always wearing a simple necklace on a daily basis, but aside from that, I’ll wear either diamond earrings or hoops when its more casual. I’ll also go out of my way to put on a flashy watch or charm bracelet. Watches are a perfect detail for all the the men who don’t know what to do to accessorize.


Perfume. Always. Wear. Perfume. You’re going to the gas station? Just got out of the shower? Camping? Sushi date? Bookstore? Whatever. Who cares! Invest in a perfume or cologne that you really like. I consider perfume as a potion. You put it on and literally in a matter of seconds, you feel like a whole upgraded person. And people also view you differently. I’m always smelling good, and I can confidently say, one hundred percent that every time I get that compliment: “You smell so good!” my ego skyrockets. I can not stress this enough. My go to scent is La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. Another one of my absolute favorite perfumes is Fantasy by Brittany Spears. This scent was really popular at one point and I’ve stuck with it for years after. It’s an amaziiiing smell. So many people ask what the scent I’m wearing is, making this a great conversation starter. You can form a lot of cool connections just by your scent. Isn’t that crazy? Definitely invest in something that makes you feel good on a daily basis like perfume or cologne. If I’m not going all out on expensive perfume, I’ll make sure to wear some scented lotion or carry some cinnamon bun scented sanitizer around. (Bath & Body Works is the best!) People always tell me that I smell like vanilla and coconut, which is so weird to me because I don’t even try to smell good sometimes! But like I said, huge confidence booster. So put in that little bit of effort!


As a cashier, I would get really up close and personal with my customers. Sometimes I would go to lunch and eat ramen, and forget to bring gum with me back. In this scenario, I would completely shut down. I’d look down, avoid conversations, and put my hand to my mouth a lot when talking. This screams insecurity! This made me unable to form bonds with customers and less likely to get to know people. I guess that this can go along with the scent category, but aside from smelling “fresh” I feel like chewing gum helps me focus and get my point across easier when I’m talking or working. I feel a lot more confident by chewing gum… Is it just me? Plus- If you have gum or mints, this makes people want to go to you when they want some. How many times have you pulled out gum, and people rush in to ask you for a piece? This subconsciously teaches people that you are reliant you provide for others, and got their back in a time of “need”. You can have that confidence in knowing that you’ve got what someone wants. Of course Megan, it’s not that deep, but it does makes you feel a bit better. In my opinion, that little bit of effort is worth the feeling.


Keep a brush or comb on you at all times. When I’m trying to look really well put together, I either slick it back in a bun, or have it consistently brushed. Honestly, I’ve never been into heating tools. I hated damaging my hair. But now that I’m a bit more spontaneous (AKA now that I’m blonde and my hair is already fried), I don’t mind the heat. It’s worth it to feel better about myself. Hair is hair. It will always come back. These days spent insecure and not presentable weren’t worth the absence of heat. If you feel most confident with your natural look- by all means, keep it exactly that way! The key is to feel like the best version of yourself. My best version is usually straightened hair with a few little curls here and there. I curl my bangs too. I really like a 70’s kind of look for me.


I can not present myself correctly anywhere if my nails aren’t well kept. I’ll either have really pretty natural nails with a polish or clear coat, or incredibly long acrylics that are always maintained. There is no in between. If my nail polish is chipped, my confidence is low. If my nails are uneven or dirty, I won’t be able to think correctly. Maybe this is just a personal problem but regardless, having nice nails is a huge confidence booster! Try to keep your nails clean, even, and just overall well kept. This means having access to nail clippers and or nail files often. It’s a simple change you can make to feel more confident. I currently have really long natural nails that I’m growing. I like to coat them with a plain & simple classy red color, a darker nude, or glitter polish. If you feel confident when you get manicures, support it! I personally think that acrylics were getting expensive. I have higher priorities that kick them out of the equation. I actually use my own gel polish and UV LED light, and that has made an incredible difference in both my wallet and my valuable time. A side note- I think that pedicures are just as important as manicures. Even if other people aren’t always going to see your toes, you’re gonna see your toes! It’s a real confidence booster being able to lounge around the house and go on a quick trip to the gas station knowing that my toes are pretty.


Keep materials that make you feel good about yourself on hand. I apply a lot of Nivea face lotion to give myself a nice dewey natural look when I don’t want to get all dolled up. I keep lipgloss or Carmex with me at all times! My lips are literally always glossy and that makes me feel so much better about myself. If you’re a guy chapstick is definitely a boost too. Like I said before, scented hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works is a win, and they’re so small and easy to travel with!



LANCOME La Vie Est Belle L’eau de Parfum