52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 5: My Favorite Holiday(s)

Hi everyone! For those of you who are interested in knowing what the challenge is and why I’m doing it, click here to read about it! Basically, Im doing a challenge for you to get to know me and for me to have some personal topics to talk about.

Day 5: My Favorite Holiday(s). I have three of them.


Fourth Of July is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me very positive and happy energy. I mentioned this before in Day 1, but this holiday is the anniversary of my best friend and I, so that’s also why I love this day so much. Not only for that reason, but also the fireworks, swimming, ice cream / popsicles, summer food, and hot weather. This holiday has summer summed up into one specific day and I love it.


This “holiday” resonates with me. I love the planet. Earth is so amazing. I think it’s a beautiful thing to take a second to show appreciation for it. I usually go out and buy a several packs of seeds, pots for plants, and other earthly things. I’ll do activities like gardening, have a picnic, and feed the butterflies by putting out fresh oranges for them. Little gestures to show that I care about the planet.


This is the holiday that gives me that “spark”. That fluttery, warm & cozy feeling. I usually celebrate with presents, food, and family. I love using this holiday to prepare for the new year. This holiday basically concludes the year and I love that!




Hey guys just a quick alert that I have released a new product on my Etsy Shop, ShopVirona. I sell templates that are primarily travel themed. Most of the products that I designed here involve self development and personal growth.

This specific template that I have designed is called the Life Goal Printout Packet. In this packet, there are seven pages that you printout to work on. These worksheets are designed to evaluate your life goals and organize your ideas onto paper.

This is a digital download PDF file that you get immediately after purchasing. It is also an unlimited access file, meaning you can print as many copies as you want. This is a fun activity for you to do as a group with your friends or individually.

The main focus of this packet is to prepare you for three strong goals that you have for this year and help you figure out your plan on achieving them.

On the last page of this packet is a page full of words of motivation. These words inspire and motivate me daily to push forward with everything that I am trying to accomplish. I thought this was a nice addition, because a lot of packets aren’t really designed from the heart like this one, and the last page shows that. I genuinely want others to succeed and have the forward mindset that I have.

Thanks for taking interest in this post and the new worksheet I’ve created! If you’re interested in my other products for sale, you can check them out below!





Travel Website That Gives Free Accommodation Just About Anywhere | TRAVEL WITH VIRONA

I discovered this site by reading a book called “The Solo Travel Handbook“. If you’re into solo traveling or want to get into it, I definitely recommend checking it out! It’s a book that gives tips and advice on where you should travel based on your specific needs and interests. It also gives you app recommendations, websites, and other cool information. It actually inspired me to do my first solo trip, so if you need that push of motivation, this is a good pick for you as well.

In this book, the website Workaway was recommended for anyone who wants to work while they travel in exchange for free accommodation.

So basically what happens on the website is- You look up your desired destination on the website, then scroll through the hosts that are offering a job for you. There are various tasks and people that you can choose from. Might I add that this website is globally, making any destination available for you. Literally all over the world!

The tasks that I usually look for include gardening, helping out around their houses, or helping them with social media / online stuff. In exchange for your help. they can offer you something which is usually accommodation, and in a lot of cases food as well.

You work a certain amount of hours that they request of you, and you can spend your free time exploring the city or doing whatever you want to do with it. I found this really cool host that’s on an island near Bali, requesting someone to help out with their hostel in exchange of free accommodation.

After you’re completely set with the idea of the listing, you have a chance to contact the host.There’s a $44 yearly fee which is great considering that you would be getting free accommodation. A lot of these places listed do offer payment in exchange for your work, so you can make that money right back.

You do have to work while traveling, which a lot of others may see to be a downside, but you’re getting to go out and explore the world while not having to pay while there. You’re also helping people out and I think that’s awesome!

I’ll probably make a post about this website further in the year if I get really into it, but for now its on my bucket list.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article! If you want to get to know me more, Listen to me talk on my podcast show about my first solo trip experience or checkout the website!




52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 4: Top Places I’d Like To Visit

Hi everyone! For those of you who are interested in knowing what the challenge is and why I’m doing it, click here to read about it! Basically, Im doing a challenge for you to get to know me and for me to have some personal topics to talk about.

Woo! A post related to travel! I’m always up for that! I was going to make this post anyway, It’s a great addition to the 52 Day Blog Challenge!

DAY 4: Top Places I’d Like To Visit


Asia has always been number one from the beginning of time. (Lol) Not only the tropical, green, rainforest areas such as Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, but also China and Japan for the culture. I’m extremely inspired and motivated by asian culture. It’s always so fascinating to me. When I was a little girl, Japan was my ultimate dream. My interests have expanded drastically, but it would be amazing to go places that I’ve always wanted. Indonesia is beautiful for the scenery, soul, and spirit. Thailand seems amazing when it comes to the culture, food and community. I really want to take a little boat ride to Phi Phi Islands and also bathe some elephants at the elephant sanctuary. The Philippines looks breathtaking altogether. A MUST! I feel like I would love the architectural visuals as well as the scenic destinations & greenery in China. Japan has so many different places that I’d be super interested in such as Kyoto or Nara Park where there’s a bunch of deer roaming around. Seeing Mount Fuji is high up on my bucket list too.


I tell everyone this. One day I’m going to take a huge trip all around Europe in a train! Some of my top destinations around Europe include Switzerland. Near Lake Zurich is so dreamy looking. It looks like a fairytale! I can’t wait to eat the food in Italy while enjoying the scenery in Positano and Venice. I’m excited to go to France, where there’s amazingly cheap Airbnbs with incredible views and a ton of greenery. There are so many places in Europe that it’s almost overwhelming to talk about. I’ll keep it simple and say those are top on my list for now.


I feel like my heart is connected to Africa in a weird spiritual way. I can’t explain it. Whenever I see photos, videos, hear music or see African art, my soul is completely captivated. I feel like visiting would be so touching and eye opening. I don’t even care where in Africa. Kenya, Seychelles, and Tanzania seem amazing for the beaches, but I also really want to visit for attractions like Mount Kilimanjaro and Egypt for the pyramids. I would be most excited to see wild animals in their natural habitat.


Mexico is so lively with the upbeat atmosphere, creative art, music, and strong culture. Everything seems so vivid and colorful. This is somewhere I really want to go to embrace and celebrate life. There are a few small towns and ranches that I would love to go to visit family, friends, and simple lifestyle, but also very well known destinations like Quintana Roo / Tulum, right next to the ocean and rainforest. There are also a bunch of Mayan ruins here. I think seeing some of those would be incredible! I’d imagine connecting really well with earth in these places.

I should probably mention some places here in the US. I’ve always, always always wanted to go to Oregon & Washington. New Orleans for the soul and food. There are so many places in Hawaii that are still on my bucket list such as the stairway to heaven and the crater in Maui.


The Solo Travel Handbook

Blogging For Beginners: Work from Home, Travel the World, Provide for Your Family

The Solo Female Travel Book

Manifesting Your Dreams

I’m a strong believer when it comes to “speaking it into existence”. I believe that if you focus your energy around what you want, it will find its way to you. I believe that if you fix your thoughts to revolve around what you want, you’re more motivated to getting up and achieving those things. I believe that if you have a vision of what you want, the finish line will be easier to reach.

I’m challenging myself to write a manifestation post once or twice a month to get a clear insight of what I really want out of life, and hopefully attracting it in. I want to give a few visuals as well to keep track.

One thing that I’m going to try my hardest to do in my Manifestation Posts is to talk about these things that I want by saying “I’m going to” rather than “I want to”. This is important because it helps me develop that mentality that what I plan on doing is a for sure thing.

Feel free to join me!


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52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 3: Meet My Family

Hi everyone! For those of you who are interested in knowing what the challenge is and why I’m doing it, click here to read about it! Basically, Im doing a challenge for you to get to know me and for me to have some personal topics to talk about.

Day 3: Meet My Family.


My blood brother. The oldest of my siblings. We had many disagreements growing up. We had typical brother and sister fights when we were young, but as we got older, we look back and laugh. We realized the importance of our relationship and now value our bond. I admire his strong emotions and how he was always able to speak his mind. He’s always had my back and never let anyone disrespect me.


My best buddy! Since we were little, we’ve always had a strong and sentimental bond. We have amazing memories and would spend our days with each other. He was my best friend at a young age which I think is rare for siblings. I cherish him so much. He’s the biggest sweetheart, can get along with everyone and anyone, and he’s extremely creative. We’ve always had the same interests and click very well.


She may not be blood, but she’s my official first and only sister. We share the same exact humor, can get crazy around each other (judge free) and we know exactly what we’re thinking just by looking at each other. We have a kind of telepathic kind of energy and a strong emotional connection. I’ll protect her at all costs until the day I die!

I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read this article! If you enjoyed this post and want to get to know me more, definitely be sure to check out my podcast Self Development With Virona where I give advice and try helping you accomplish your goals.

Book I’m reading right now – LITTLE BLACK BOOK



So Excited For The Summer!

Sending good positive summer energy your way! With everything that has been going on, (the whole lockdown situation) we’re reminded that nothing is guaranteed. There is, however- one thing is for sure… I’m excited to see what’s in store for me this summer! In hopes that the lockdown will release by July, here are some of my 2020 summer ideas.


I’m excited to lounge around in my bikinis and do some tanning. I love everything about tanning, the smell of the coconut / banana sunscreen, the summer breeze, the feeling of cold water hitting your skin to cool down. Since I don’t have a pool, I usually get a spray bottle and mist myself when I get hot. It’s extremely relaxing. I love the thought of making myself cold beverages like fresh pineapple juice or drinking some canned coconut water with chips while listening to music and working on my iPad.


*If* lucky, I’ll have access to going swimming. I don’t care if it’s at a pool or at the beach. I want to be completely submerged in some cold water while it’s hot outside! I want to be at a pool with family or friends, grilling hot dogs and burgers or something. I also love the idea of traveling to a beach, spending a day near the ocean, hearing the seagulls and getting some sushi or ice cream after. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that! That sounds amazing. If it doesn’t work out, I’m not stressing it though – there’s always next year!


Again, *hoping* to travel this summer. I want to take a small trip to San Francisco to enjoy some of my favorite places there. I’ve been there before, and it has my entire heart and soul. I love the pier and all of the little shops. I miss the San Francisco Park with the SF Botanical Garden and Japanese Tea Garden. I’m hoping to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge which has been a long time goal of mine.


I’m excited to see how much I grow over the summer. I’m going to do a lot of self improvement. From business, to my mindset, achieving goals, and emotional strength, I want a new mentality. I want to live my life in a new way. I’m planning on doing a lot of reading, a lot of studying, and a lot of hard work. I’m going to tackle my summer goals and completely fulfill them before it ends. This is one thing I’m so excited for. I’m excited to walk into Fall saying that I’m a new person.

Whatever happens this summer, I’m excited to see what lies ahead. I’m just happy to be able to go outside and enjoy what life has to offer.

52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 2: My Favorite Things

Hi everyone! For those of you who are interested in knowing what the challenge is and why I’m doing it, click here to read about it! Basically, Im doing a challenge for you to get to know me and for me to have some personal topics to talk about.

Day 2: My Favorite Things. I have so many things that I enjoy so I’ll try to kinda keep the topics short and simple, but I’m just going to list each thing down and write a little summary as to why!


Rain was the absolute first thing to come to mind when I was writing this list. Everything about stormy weather. I love the smell of rain. I love the sound of rain. I love the feeling of it hitting my skin. I love how my garden looks after. I love how it makes every plant look so green. I love the cozy feeling when you’re cuddled up with your blankets. I can literally feel my soul being cleansed with rain. (I’m also highly attracted to snow for the same reasons.)


If you know anything about me, you probably saw this coming. I love gardening. I love creating life. Watching seeds grow. I love watering my plants and giving them what they need. I love plants, mostly tropical plants. I love how they can impact so much by doing and requiring so little. You can make your home a tropical getaway with just a few plants. I love walking into a botanical garden or plant store and feeling the fresh air. I love how they cleanse the air and don’t ask anything in return! I love nature. Birds chirping. I love waterfalls, ocean, dirt, mud, mountains, tall trees. I love nature so much.


Another predictable thing on this list if you know me well! (Lol) I love traveling so much. Discovering new places. New cultures. I love trying new foods, taking pictures and creating video content for other people to see when I’m exploring. I love that feeling you get before bed, knowing you’re about to travel the next day. I love the butterflies that you get when the airplane is going up. I love looking down and seeing clouds under me. The feeling that we’re so small and there’s so much to do and see on this planet is unbeatable. One day I will make a career out of this passion! Believe it!


I love studying. Investing my time into growth. Learning new things. Reading books. Leveling up. I love talking about my goals, and how I’m going to achieve them. Not only do I love my own personal growth, but I love to watch others grow and help them. I love teaching. I even have a podcast show on Self Development! Check it out!


Being in love. Butterflies. Unpopular opinion, but I absolutely love the “talking” stage. I love those sleepless nights of thinking about the person you’re growing with. I love the anticipation of seeing someone you really like. I love devoting my feelings into someone completely and falling hard.


I love giving myself to someone else fully. I love the soul connection when you’re making love. I love the passion, eye contact, slow movements. I love submitting myself to another person and pleasing them. It’s a mutual benefit and that’s one thing I love the most about it.


Anything involving passion. Whether it be art, music, love, a hobby or skill, I love being surrounded by people so invested in something that they love. I love the spark in their eyes when they’re explaining their passions. I love being passionate about something. That’s what life is about.


It’s a comforting feeling to be pulled close while you’re sleeping. I love taking naps with a partner after a long day. Being held is such a beautiful feeling. Watching TV while you’re intertwined with another being.


I romanticize the ocean quite often. I love knowing that I’m near an ocean when traveling. I love hearing the sound of seagulls or seeing them flying around the sky. I love the cool breeze from the waves and the waves alone. I love the sound of them crashing and the foam they leave behind on the rocks. I love how much passion and aggression the waves have. These are some of my big values.


So relaxing, relieving, Cleansing, Comforting. I love water. I love feeling clean. Those two mix so perfectly.


Eye contact, genuine smiles, compliments, and support. I love people with good intentions.

I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read this article! If you enjoyed this post and want to get to know me more, definitely be sure to check out my podcast Self Development With Virona where I give advice and try helping you accomplish your goals.

52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 1: Meet My Best Friend

Hi everyone! For those of you who are interested in knowing what the challenge is and why I’m doing it, click here to read about it! Basically, Im doing a challenge for you to get to know me and for me to have some personal topics to talk about.

Day 1: Meet My Best Friend

This is Natalie.

She’s a very sweet, kind hearted, thoughtful girl. She’s an Aquarius. She gives amazing advice, she can get along with anyone and she’s a little sassy. She’s a really hard worker and dedicated to her values. Very generous and would do anything for the people she loves. She has a great sense of humor and won’t fail to make me smile.

We met sophomore year in high school, but didn’t really establish that we were best friends until summer that year. July 4th, 2013. I slept at her house, for the first time and we completely opened up to each other. I remember us both saying “This is how a friendship should be”. Before we were best friends, we had both been taken advantage of by our previous friendships. We quickly realized the importance of the timing and placement of each other’s appearance and we both really cherish that very much to this day and every day forward.

This year on July 4th, it will be our seventh year as best friends!

We’ve traveled across the country together to the UK and also some closer places like Anaheim, CA. We’re planning a near trip to San Francisco together and a not-so near trip to Mexico next summer. We currently live together and work together. Ultimate Friendship Goals, Right?! We were truly blessed to be so compatible and understanding individuals.

Some of our favorite activities include eating junk food (LOL) and binge watching TV shows, telling scary stories, painting, karaoke. We have a lot of fun times with our similar humor and silly personalities.

Natalie and I have one of the closest knit bonds that I’ve ever seen with anyone. So many people admire us. The love we have for each other and the strong connection is unlike any other friendship I’ve ever seen. It’s a soul connection. We understand each other on a spiritual level and it’s something we never want to break. We’ve both been through very similar situations, making us incredibly understanding with each other. We’ve been through so many phases in our lives, and we promised ourselves that we were going to one day take on the world together!

One Of My Favorite Spots To Work

This little desert “hiking” area is about a five minute walk from where I live. It has one of the prettiest views from my city that I’ve seen. I had just discovered today that it was actually a good place to work! I was a bit iffy on taking my equipment here to write for my blog because of how distracted I get around nature, but I took the chance and packed my stuff. I packed my journal, some snacks and drinks *Definitely a hydro flask with water*, a spray bottle, and sunscreen! These items were a must for me because it gets really hot. After packing everything, I headed out.

I also had the intention of tanning while I worked, so I wore a bikini top with an oversized tee. When I got uphill from the mini hike, I found a really pretty view of the city and decided to sit there. I put my oversized tee under me for comfort and pulled out everything I needed to get started. I grabbed my journal and my pencil and started writing.

At first, it was kind of hard for me to focus. I was thinking about other people seeing me and constantly worried about what they might think. Then I realized that I was literally on top of society and on a hill that people weren’t likely going to climb. Finally realizing this made me feel at ease and enabled me to focus on what was really important. I was able to write the rough draft to this post along with about four others- all while getting a tan and enjoying the nature.

I went through all three water bottles that I packed because it was really hot and I was out there for quite a bit working! I also sprayed myself very frequently with my spray bottle. It was incredibly relaxing though each time I would mist myself. I’m not sure what I would have done if I weren’t prepared with that and my sunscreen. ☺️

I want to mention that I made a little friend while I was here… Try to spot him in the first picture.. LOL! I found him on my walk back home. We spent about a half an hour there just tanning together. He was so cute!

I think that directing my focus to what truly mattered and being able to let my guard down in a peaceful environment definitely paid off. I’m gonna be coming here a lot more often to work on my projects. It was such a nice little change! After today, I can confidently say that this is one of my favorite spots to work.


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