Today I’m going to be cleaning my environment with this mentality:

Anything I own is more responsibility that I have. More weight on my shoulders. More energy taken out of me. More attachments I have.

How? Well, Let’s use clothes as an example. The more clothes I have, the more laundry I have to do. More organizing. More time taken on deciding on what to wear. Some of these clothes hold very bad memories, disappointing me, every time I look at them and then some of them hold very good memories, that end up disappointing me anyway because I’m not in that moment right now. Whatever memory they hold causes me to live in the past.

Any time I think about moving away, starting fresh, doing something new, one thought is always there to stop the idea.

“I have too many things, it would take forever for me to pack, relocate, and move on”

What if there was an opportunity for me to leave, to Bali – RIGHT NOW? I would have too much materialistic things. I would end up overwhelmed with that idea. Probably postponing my dreams once again, because there are other “things” I need to tend to.

My mentality today is to minimize as many things as possible. I don’t want to feel stuck. I don’t want to be restrained from anything. One day, I want to own so little, that I could fit every valuable that I have into a decent sized suitcase. Maybe it’s the Sagittarius in me (LOL)- but I never want to feel like I’m being forced to stay somewhere. I don’t want to be held down anymore. It starts with this clutter!

This book I’m reading right now called “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” is ammmmazing. It honestly has taught me everything I know about reducing the clutter in my environment and gave me a completely different perspective when it comes to my home. Definitely give it a read if you’re planning on making drastic changes to your life for the better.


Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui


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