Hey everyone! I just made it to San Diego today.

For those of you who are new here, Hello! I’m Megan Virona. I am a female traveler from Las Vegas, Nevada and I’m currently staying on my first solo trip ever in San Diego.

I just arrived today at around 6:00 PM using Frontier Airlines. It was about an hour flight from Las Vegas. I felt like the plane ride went by so fast because of how amused I was!

(Read about how I got my ticket for only $28!

The first thing I did was check into where I’m staying. I knew that I couldn’t carry my bag for too long because it was extremely heavy! After putting my bag away, I set out to scout the area.

I found that there’s a beach about a five minute walk from where I’m staying so that has me extremely excited for tomorrow morning! Anyways, the beach near my location is called “Ocean Beach”. It has a pier for people to go fishing on! The sunset was incredibly beautiful today and had to get on the pier ASAP. I captured the perfect moment!

Minutes later, it got dark outside. I admired how the moon lit up the water. It was a beautiful experience! I walked back towards the place I’m staying at only to realize I hadn’t eaten a thing today! There are so many restaurants and food places to choose from it was almost overwhelming.

I decided to go with this place called BBQ House & Grill. I got a pulled pork burger with some macaroni & cheese on the side. (So Delicious!) The employees were super kind and it was a beautiful place to sit and relax. There was an option to eat indoors or outside. I chose to eat inside mostly because of how hot and tired I was. If I hadn’t been walking around a lot, the outdoor setting would have been amazing! The portions were a decent size and I got full so fast!

I love this area so much though. Immediately when I arrived to the OB area I realized how much of an active area it is! There’s a ton of activities such as surfing, bonfires, drinking, and walking around. Everyone I have met so far has been super kind and outgoing. It’s definitely a good place for young sociable adults.

I’m keeping this post short but that’s about everything that happened today so far! Tomorrow I will be exploring the area close by.

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